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The Google phone

Recently some rumours started about Google and there plans to go in the phone business. One big advantage or disadvantage is that you can use it for free. You can call someone for hours and it cost you nothing the only thing you will have are some advertising. This all…

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How to create a web 2.0 design

What is web 2.0? For Wikipedia it is enough if the site is interactive. For me it is more than that. Not only the interactivity of the site is making it web 2.0 because then a forum is also web 2.0. For me a web 2.0 site is a mix…

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My first blog post

  • 1st August 2007

This is my first blogpost on my new domain name and my brand new blog. In the future i’m going to blog things related with web 2.0 and all other things i’m interested in. Enjoy

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