AdvancedDataGrid GroupingCollection and sort

Here an example of the advancedDataGrid. I’m using a groupingcollection to get all the data from one searchengine in one group

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One problem that I encounter in the advancedDataGrid is sorting a column on application start. I try to sort the “number of visits” field and it is working for the known visit data the sort is working but for the calculated total visits of the groups it isn’t working. If someone knows the solution please let me know

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  1. andy - April 8, 2010

    did you ever find the solution to this problem, i too am experiencing the same pain. Please email and let me know if you did or have any suggestions, thanks much

    • Arno Manders - April 13, 2010

      No sorry I didn’t find the solution. I added a field to the xml that contains the position of the group. So every item gets a “groupposition” field. You can program this server side but it gives more server overhead.

  2. andy - April 12, 2010

    did you find a solution for this? If so please share.

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