Tutorial Flex on Rails login system part 1: Introduction

These tutorials are a translation from this page that is the wiki of my school. I also mention this tutorial here If you have a little experience with Flex or/and Actionscript 3.0 you wan’t more, like receiving data from different databases. That is what this tutorial explains to you. The…

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Ruby on Rails database migration

 You can design your database diagram very well upfront but in the end there will always be some change in it, specially if you are going to use a technique as Ruby on Rails(RoR) for the first time. A basic example,  my “users” table looked like the image right. After…

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How to set up a database for Ruby on Rails

On thing you have to over-think very well before you start programming in Ruby on Rails(RoR) is the database design and the relationships between tables. How do I name the tables and fields inside the database and what are the relations between tables. In this blog post I explain some…

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Google OpenSocial

Is Google launching a new competitor for Facebook or is it something completely new? And OpenSocial, what is that? Well it is definitely not a competitor for Facebook. Google is not opening a new community website where you can share things with your friends. OpenSocial more a set of tools…

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Most people think good coding and a nice design is the most important part to make a great success of a website. I agree these things are important, but usability is just as important. I just finished my book from Steve Krug (If you like the book by it from…

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Tutorial: Flex 2.0 with WebORB

One year ago we started a project in the next web minor with Flex, WebORB and Ruby on Rails. The goal of the project was to create a video site for concert video’s shot with a mobile phone or something like that. That is not really the point of my…

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