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  • Code snippet: pass preloader flashvars to main swf

    Needed some way generic way to get my flashvars from the preloader to the loaded swf I just extend the url with the flashvars like this

  • Music visualisation with SoundMixer.computeSpectrum();

    Music visualisation with SoundMixer.computeSpectrum();

      Just some fun with Away3D and the SoundMixer class. View example

  • Distort with drawTriangles()

    Distort with drawTriangles()

    There are a growing number of posts about the technique to distort an image with the drawTriangles() function. But most of those examples create a lot of extra vertices that aren’t needed for displaying the image and more calculation means more CPU consumption. I explain here how to work with verticals and show some basic…

  • Flinteroids

    I while back I had some spare time and decided to check out Flint and followed the Flinteroids tutorial. It’s cool but I extended it a little with a few extra effects and a High score. Have fun! If someone has tip for good game sound effects please don’t hesitate to share

  • Calculate DataGrid height

    I have a dataset with more than 200 items. If I use that as dataprovider of a datagrid and set the rowcount to 10 the datagrid is not alway resizing to the right size. Sometimes I see 10.5 rows. This is a nice solution for that problem: dataGrid.height = measureHeightOfItems(-1, dataGrid.rowCount) + dataGrid.headerHeight;

  • LineChart datatip with degrafa skin

    Here is an example how you skin a DataTip from a LineChart with the help of Degrafa. Source

  • TimeDateAxis

    I’m going to try to shift the focus of my blog a little bit more to examples and away from the “I have this problem bla bla”. Well I just try to blog more because it a bit quiet here. I’m going to post some things that is useful for myself to archive and maybe…

  • What is the deal with application.parameters?

    I send a userId to my application to display a linechart with the application.parameter object. I get the userId parameter inside my application and can trace or alert it and I see the userId on my screen. Ok everything is working fine for now. Then I want to use the userId to call php function.…

  • DataGrid doesn’t update rowCount correctly

    I have an Bindable ArrayCollection with values and DataGrid that should show all the values (or rows) without the ugly scrollbars (I hate scrollbars). This is working correct by setting the rowCount property in DataGrid like this:  rowCount = “this.ArrayCollection.length” the tricky part is when you add items to that ArrayCollection on application run. Somehow…

  • Get the dataprovider of another Line in lineChart?

    In some cases you have 2 different XML files to show 2 different lines in a lineChart. For example you want to compare a companies incomming with another month and each month is in a different XML. In a dataTipRenderer I show the styled data but I can only access data from 1 line. My…