Direction of the TileList behaves strange

I stumbled into an incorrect working function of the TileList in Flex. It looks like they swopped a few variables around.

If you set the direction of the TileList to horizontal it looks like Flex doesn’t care about the option and just scolls vertical. After that I checked an Adobe quickstart guide to know sure that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. But I couldn’t find anything that I missed.

Because I hate it if things don’t work I try everything to get it working. So I tried to set the direction to vertical just to see if something was happening and now the TileList scolled horizontal… very strange.

here is a example with source code (right click)

Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Do other people have the same problem?



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  1. Thomas Ruehl Avatar

    Hi there. Don’t know, if this is still a ‘problem’ for you, but here’s how the drection property should be interpreted:

    The direction property of a TileList dosen’t affect the scrolling direction of the component at all! Furthermore, it specifies, how the TileList orders the individual tiles – in a vertical or a horizontal manner (2×2 matrix i.e.):

    vertical: [r1, c1], [r2, c1], [r1, c2], [r2, c2]
    horizontal: [r1, c1], [r1, c2], [r2, c1], [r2, c2]

    To define the direction and scrolling behaviour, you need to set the rowCount/columnCount properties and use verticalScrollPolicy and/or horizontalScrollPolicy.

    Cheers, Thomas

  2. Arno Manders Avatar

    The adobe quick start guide says something else. That it is for the scroll direction.

    And in this example I changed only the direction from vertical to horizontal:

    and the scroll direction also changed but still wrong in my opinion

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  5. sandrar Avatar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  6. Daniel Avatar


    Man, do I love your Blog. Else would never have found the horizontal/vertical settings!


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