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Here in Holland you have free news papers that you can read when you consume any kind of  public transportation.  In my childhood when I was bored I took a newspaper and draw all sorts of objects on  photo’s of famous people,  like: glasses, moustaches, beards and acme. I think this is also cool in flash

My original idea was to do it different than the newspaper and use 3D for it. Put a famous head as texture on a 3D model and draw on it. I’m not that far yet because it is hard to find an 3D model of a head. I now have an 3D plane with a texture on it. It is already possible to do the same things as in the newspaper and something more… You can save it to a server! So I encourage you to upload your creation to a server.

For now I have a photo from Berlusconi (Italian prime minister). Why? Because I love his quote on the recent earthquake victims that lost there home

“They have everything they need, they have medical care, hot food . . . Of course, their current lodgings are a bit temporary, but they should see it like a weekend of camping.”


Please upload those drawings and I will show them on my blog!!!!

start drawing

I hope I don’t get problems with the mafia

Known problems: Slow and you see some grey dots if you move the mouse (don’t know the solution)



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3 responses to “Draw on 3D object”

  1. Jochen Szostek Avatar

    Nice work! 🙂

    Why don’t you just search or model a 3D collada file to import in Away3D? (I assume it’s possible because papervision 3D can do it)


  2. Arno Manders Avatar

    Yes you can import a 3D model but I couldn’t find a good one. Because everything is going over the cpu the has to be low on vertices

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