Experimental flickr photo viewer

Not so long ago I saw a nice menu from (I’m not really sure) a game console on TV. It had a tilted view on 3D planes with information from a games and after selecting a plane the plane rotate toward the camera so you could see more detail from the selected game. I made something like that with flickr pictures. You can navigate by using the arrow keys. For now I limited the search result to 29 pictures to prevent a crash from the browser.

experimental flickr photo viewer

Visit flickr photo viewer  (warning CPU heavy)

I had the idea to make it so you can browse infinite  through the photos but sadly that is getting to heavy for the CPU.  In the future I will try other effects (for example create the tiles only in one direction) to achieve the infinite browsing idea.



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2 responses to “Experimental flickr photo viewer”

  1. Tink Avatar

    You can’t just re-use the renderers, reposition them and update their content to make it infinite?

    1. Arno Manders Avatar

      On a big screen 29 tiles isn’t enought to fill the screen and re-use the tiles and replace them. But it is a good thought. But for now only the first seconds when the photo is loading the renderer (not really a renderer more a material because I use away3D) is a movieclip. If the photo loaded I draw the material and replace the MovieMaterial with a BitmapMaterial.

      Thanks for your idea and maybe I will try it. And maybe I have to rewrite the whole thing in flash 10 code to make it faster.

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