How to find an address with Google maps Flash API

After the Flash Google maps API release I spend some time to see what is possible. I started with the documentation from Google. In there documentation they are using the latitude and longitude coordinates to set the center of your map. This is not really a human readable way to do it and personally I never used the latitude and longitude coordinates to find a city or street in Google Maps. That is why I started searching for a way to center the map with an address.

I build a small application with source-code available in Flex that is using this technique. In the left upper corner you can search your own address. I use ClientGeocoder to search for the address but the problem i’m running in to is that you can’t run it local because he returns this error.

Warning: Domain does not explicitly specify a 
meta-policy, but Content-Type of policy file is 
'text/x-cross-domain-policy'.  Applying meta-policy 'by-content-type'.

You can’t use ClientGeocoder crossdomain. You should call it from a domain that has a registered Google Maps API key in my case “”.

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  1. Jeff - October 13, 2008

    The google map seems to work great, you mention it is available with source code but I could not find a link to the source code.

  2. Arno Manders - October 14, 2008

    You have to start the application and than you can find the source under your right mouse button

  3. anllie - August 29, 2009

    muchas gracias, muy útil tu post.

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