ImageViewer3D final release

Today I’m going to release the code of ImageViewer3D like I promised before. It is not finished but I have to move on to other things. I few days ago I asked everyone to give input and because of the shortage of time I can’t put every suggestion in. Sorry for that but many thanks for the comments. On the bottom of this article you can find the download urls. To make this component I used Away3D as 3D engine and Tweener for the tweens.


A few features of the ImageViewer

  • Slideshow
  • Flickr search
  • XML picture load
  • Multipage option

Example Application
Example with Flickr

Download example code so you can see how to use this component. I also used the as3 Flickr Library for this example.

Simple Application

Simple example

Download simple ImageViewer3D

Everyone can use the simple application. Just put the” imageviewer3d.swf” and the folder “assets” with the xml file on your server (you can’t run it local) . For the Simple ImageViewer3D you have to make sure that the photos.xml is located at the folder “/assets/xml/photos.xml”


Download component

For example you can add xmlns:imageviewer3d="imageviewer3d.*" inside the application tag and add this between the application tags

Feel free to modify this component

If you find bugs our just errors please report it in the comments.

NOTE: This component isn’t working in IE6, Fireworks is expired so I will post a picture of the application later


8 responses to “ImageViewer3D final release”

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  2. Niels Bruin Avatar

    Nice work Arno! But never say it’s final, because I see many more possibilities here?

    Well keep up the good work, can’t wait for more cool stuff from you. Are you aggregated to MXNA yet?

  3. admin Avatar

    yeah i’m still busy with it but now building it in Adobe AIR and with databases and all. That is even harder to build

    I’m still not MXNA aggregated… and I have no idea why

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  5. Angel Romero Avatar

    Nice component! Glad to see someone using Away3D in a typical Papervision3D fashion.

  6. […] ImageViewer3D is an image viewer with a little hint of the Tiltviewer, a Flickr image gallery created by AirTightInteractive.  ImageViewer3D has been created by Arno Manders using Away3D, Tweener, and Adobe Flash.  The interactivity and feel for this image viewer is really eye-popping.  Its feature set is limited, however, being that this Flash component is free; I’d say it’s pretty impressive.  […]

  7. Francky Info Avatar

    Very nice image viewer! great great great works!

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