I recently discovered Away3D, the 3D engine for Flex and Flash. I’m now working for 3 weeks with this 3D engine and it is easy to consume. I started with some spheres and cubes to get use to the 3D concept. After I got bored I started a real project. For now I call that project “ImageViewer3D ” (because I couldn’t think of anything better).

My concept is inspired by the tiltViewer from He made it in Flash but it isn’t opensource so I couldn’t use his code.

Things I try to archive before I think I’m done:

  • Inserting your own Array of photos (XML or component)
  • Do something with the next- and previouspage button
  • Tweak or perhaps maybe change some effects
  • If the photos of a page are in the browser cache they all appear at the same time what causing the browser to run slow at that moment
  • If the height of a photo is larger than the width the border is thicker
  • etc… (more things that I forget)

ImageViewer3D v4

ImageViewer3D v1

I try to make a nice tool so every opinion is welcome. Positive or negative I don’t care. What effect is cool and what effect isn’t? What should be tweaked? Also feed me with new features.

UPDATE: Final release can be found here.



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9 responses to “ImageViewer3D”

  1. Fabrice Closier Avatar

    Very nice Arno! Smoooooooooooth!

  2. Frans Avatar

    jo arno!!

    ziet er vet uit man!! nooit geweten dat je creatief was ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha ๐Ÿ˜€

    goed weekend en tot volgende week!

    grtn frans

  3. Pete Avatar

    Looking nice! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Sytse Avatar

    Ziet er goed uit Arno! Je zou nog iets kunnen verzinnen in de interface waardoor het duidelijk wordt hoe je weer terug gaat naar het overzicht na het inzoomen op een foto, dat je op de foto zelf klikt is niet duidelijk (en niet logisch).

    Ken je de firefox plugin piclens? Misschien dat je daar nog wat inspiratie uit kunt halen, die is erg gaaf ๐Ÿ™‚

    Je zou evt nog iets met een zoekveld kunnen doen, zodat de gebruiker zelf via de api van Flickr kan zoeken en de resultaten op deze manier krijgt te zien.

    Oh, en misschien een loading bar ofzo voor elke foto.. de eerste keer duurt het lang voordat ie de foto’s laad en ik vroeg me af waarom ik naar de witte vlakjes zat te kijken ๐Ÿ˜›

    Keep up the good work, ben benieuwd naar wat je allemaal gaat maken op je stage!

  5. Martijn Avatar

    Ziet er gaaf uit man… leuk om te zien waar je mee bezig bent!!

  6. admin Avatar

    Thank you all for the comments. Some things made it to my final product. Tomorrow I post the my final code and then I have to move on to another project

  7. […] I’m going to release the code of ImageViewer3D like I promised before. It is not finished but I have to move on to other things. I few days ago I asked everyone to give […]

  8. Andrew Spaulding Avatar

    Hi there, I’m trying to use your ImageViewer3D component and display an internal list of Bitmaps. These are embedded images or something that I generate manually as a list of Bitmap classes.

    I then set photoArray equal to the array of Bitmap types, and have modified ImageViewer3D where it expects this to be a string and changed it to Bitmap.

    This approach doesn’t work. Is there a way that I can display an object of type “Bitmap”??

    Help is appreciated.


    Adobe Australia

  9. Arno Manders Avatar

    The imageviewer works with the url of a photo. He sends this url of the photo to a component “ImageHolder.mxml” (happens in function “getHolder”. This component shows the photo with the nice white border. I draw this component in a BitmapData in the function called “onImageLoaderComplete”. In that function I set the material of the plane to the BitmapData. You could also give it there an embedded image as material. Ofcourse you should the event function to a normal function.

    There are 2 points why I wouldn’t recommend you to use embedded images in my component:
    1) Your application gets very big
    2) While I was building my application I didn’t care a much about loading images nice after eachother. So if you load embedded images without controlling this progress all the images load at the same time and also the preformance could be very low (the same thing happens if you have the images in your cache)

    I’ve been busy with a version the imageviewer in Air and I wrote there a nicer way to load images. This will solve problem 2. But I got bored and stopped working on it.

    I hope this is usefull for you and feel free to ask if something isn’t clear. But keep in mind that this was one of my first flex programming experience this can mean that not everything is done in the most clear way ๐Ÿ˜‰

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