More playing with 3D and 3D physics engine

I extended the Flex 3D example of my previous post some more. Now you can drag (left mousebutton) the objects and bounce them into each other.

away3d tile dragging

I think the smart visiters will see that it look a little like TileUI from Doug McCune or TileUI copy of Bill White. I tried to make something like that but I used Away3D and the WOW physics engine.

WOW is based on APE , a 2D physics engine, and they both share the same problem. They aren’t really supporting colliding squares or cubes. You can set them on a fixed position but you can’t throw them free through the environment. But APE has wheelparticles that rotate if they collide. If I’m going to work futher on this project I’m going to use APE



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6 responses to “More playing with 3D and 3D physics engine”

  1. joebass Avatar

    Cool demo. Would you be willing to share your code? I’m having no luck getting dragging and dropping to work in Flex with Away3D. Thanks

  2. Arno Manders Avatar

    The code is shared… click your right mouse button anywhere else than the white plane

  3. joebass Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your source code! Really neat stuff.

    This may be too much of a newb question to deal with but, could you explain how WparticleCube relates to the away3d Cube? I’m trying to drag/drop and detect collisions with away3d Cubes. I don’t understand how size, width and height of your ParticleCube relate to length, width and hight of an away Cube. What does ParticleCube’s size refer to?

    I’ve tried to adapt your code with different away cube sizes and different wow WParticleCube sizes but, don’t see how they match up.

    Thanks for any insight.

  4. Arno Manders Avatar

    Well the WParticleCube can be see as a sphere. I just use the height or width and use that as radius for the collision. I hacked the WParticleCube in the WOW engine.

    I don’t know if you have seen the TileUI of Dough McCune. He is also using a wheel (circle) particle to a tile. But he based his TileUI on the APE physics engine that is 2D.

    After colliding the tile isn’t rotating. If you use the APE physics engine they can rotate but are only moving 2D.

  5. joseph Avatar

    Hi… that demo is very nice. I am new in Flex. can you share the code with me. i just would like to explore more on this…. thanks in advance..

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