New function in Google Docs: Online PowerPoint

Google already provided the possibility to make text documents and spread sheets in the Google Docs section, and now there  is a new function. It’s now possible to import or create presentations and modify and review them with people all over the world.

Google powerpoint

They worked it out pretty good. Google kept it very simple… or not?

If you click on the link “Start presentation” you see your presentation with a bar right of it that looks like you can invite audience to your presentation


One point why Google can beat the “real” PowerPoint is that it is online and that it is possible to work with more people at one presentation. The function to view the presentation with multiple people isn’t that strange if you keep that in mind. Now you can discuss the presentation and improve it immediately.

I can only find 1 negative point. That it is only possible to choose 15 different themes and you can’t set your own background picture. That isn’t a hard feature to implement in my opinion.







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