Preformance tips Away3D

While I was building my ImageViewer3D I noticed a few things that can make everything just a little bit faster. And for the challenge and for fun I made a sort of testing application. I build it with Flex and Away3D

You can change the a few things such as the amount of 3d objects, type of filter, zoom of the camera and you can see how much this effects the framerate. After every change I reset the average FPS (frames per second) to give the best indication what the effect of the new options will have on the average FPS.
Probably this test is not really reflecting how much faces Away3D can render. A lot of things I do can be done more efficient. The source is enabled

preformance tester

preformance test

Some other preformance tips

I couldn’t build everything in because of the lack of time and also this project would be to big to be fun. Some other things that you can do to get the preformance up.

  • No precision on materials
  • No smoothing for materials or turn the smoothing on when it is needed
  • Niels Bruin told me this one: Set the application framerate to 60
  • Make sure that now 3D objects are in each other
  • This trick is from Maikel Sibbal: Only render if there is really something changed
  • 3D Objects close to the camera slows down the fps



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  1. Simon Gladman Avatar

    Hi, I’ve just been playing with Away3D and Sandy3D – I ended up using Sandy because of the Phong rendering.

    You can read about my experiences here:

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