Search your favourite music and make your own playlist: SeeqPod

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While I where surfing the Internet I found a nice website to search and discover music: SeeqPod. SeeqPod is made in Flex and it is really nice!

screen of seeqpod

How is it working?
It is just a powerful search, what Google is for webpages is SeeqPod doing for music. Give the search your favourite band or artist and he is searching the internet for music files that are matching your search.

When you have the music you like you can place it in a playlist what is on the right side of your screen. And while you are browsing for other artists you can play your playlist.

Discover option
Another option is the “discover” button to find bands that are related with your searched band or artist.

I’m wondering how they find the related artists because I noticed this:

discover youtube seeqpod


Is there room in the market for this service?
Of course, since is restricted for dutch music lovers maybe this is a new way to find new music next to



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