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Air file.nativePath Vs. file.url

Is it me or is file.url a lot easier to use than file.nativePath in Adobe AIR. Maybe I’m missing something because every tutorial or code snippet I can find uses file.nativePath. I’m busy building an AIR application that can be used on Windows and Mac OS. I have to take…

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Get full file path in AIR

Normally if you want a file path in Flex to upload a file you use FileReference() with a browse(). Last week I tried the same technique to get a file dragged from the desktop to my AIR application. After fixing a strange problem the code worked but the next problem…

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FileReferenceList() problem in AS3

Today I noticed a strange thing in Flex. Let me explain the problem. I created FileReferenceList. I added a eventListener to that FileReferenceList that returns me the list of files that the user selects. This is the code: ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPTprivate function openFileReference():void{ var flr:FileReferenceList = new FileReferenceList(); flr.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onFrlResult);…

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