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Get full file path in AIR

Normally if you want a file path in Flex to upload a file you use FileReference() with a browse(). Last week I tried the same technique to get a file dragged from the desktop to my AIR application. After fixing a strange problem the code worked but the next problem…

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Preformance tips Away3D

While I was building my ImageViewer3D I noticed a few things that can make everything just a little bit faster. And for the challenge and for fun I made a sort of testing application. I build it with Flex and Away3D You can change the a few things such as…

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FileReferenceList() problem in AS3

Today I noticed a strange thing in Flex. Let me explain the problem. I created FileReferenceList. I added a eventListener to that FileReferenceList that returns me the list of files that the user selects. This is the code: ?View Code ACTIONSCRIPTprivate function openFileReference():void{ var flr:FileReferenceList = new FileReferenceList(); flr.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onFrlResult);…

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ImageViewer3D final release

Today I’m going to release the code of ImageViewer3D like I promised before. It is not finished but I have to move on to other things. I few days ago I asked everyone to give input and because of the shortage of time I can’t put every suggestion in. Sorry…

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I recently discovered Away3D, the 3D engine for Flex and Flash. I’m now working for 3 weeks with this 3D engine and it is easy to consume. I started with some spheres and cubes to get use to the 3D concept. After I got bored I started a real project….

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Away3D lighting

For 2 weeks straight I been busy with Away3D, a 3D engine for ActionScript 3. This makes it easier to create 3D applications for the internet. At my internship at the <TheFactor.e> they put me on Away3D. Developed by Fabrice Closier, a colleague. Today I was busy with a project…

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Flash in Flex tutorial: Flash Weather Component

If you finished the Flash & Flex installation you can now continue with this tutorial. If you have no clue where i’m talking about you have to make sure that you installed the Flex component kit and Flex 2.0.1 patch correct. I explain that in the installation guide Flash start…

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Flash in Flex tutorial installation guide

My internship guide Maikel asked me to find out what you have to do to get Flash in Flex. I started to search for a nice tutorial about this but I have to say that there isn’t a step by step tutorial that is explaining this. Opportunity for me to…

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