The game for children with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) part 2

Like I promised I would post more about the SLD game project.

Our first idea was to create 3 different worlds to fly trough with your UFO. That idea was to big so we still created the opportunity to create that later. At the start of every level the script got the level number of that profile and with that number he loaded the right level. The XML of one level looks like this (and can be found in genericdatalevels.txt)

<level number="8" world="grass" max_enemies="1">
<ground>15 ,15 ,15 ,23 ,26 ,26 ,17 ,17 ,17 ,17 ,17 ,24 ,24 ,24 ,17 ,17 </ground>
<shape type="triangle" amount="0"/>
<shape type="square" amount="0"/>
<shape type="halfcircle" amount="0"/>
<shape type="circle" amount="0"/>
<shape type="rectangle" amount="0"/>
<shape type="cross" amount="0"/>
<if obj="house" comp="equal" amount="1"/>
<if obj="triangle" comp="equal" amount="1"/>
<then add="triangle"/>
<if obj="house" comp="equal" amount="1"/>
<if obj="square" comp="equal" amount="1"/>
<then add="square"/>
<objective type="apartment" amount="1"/>

The first line says what level number and theme that level uses.

To create a world with a XML file we used a grid for the underground and for the buildings that are already build at the start of a level. The original idea was to create a grid of 32 but because of the polygon count and the slow down by Havoc we cut that down to 16 for the underground and 32 for buildings. If you wish to start a level already with some buildings already build you can just fill them in between the “,” in the construction tag.

If the ground tag is “0” at one grid position it is a raving. That is making it possible to lose shapes and that is also demanding that you get new shapes else it is not possible to go to the next level. The scripts that are doing this can also be found in the level XML file.

<if obj=”house” comp=”equal” amount=”1″/>
<if obj=”triangle” comp=”equal” amount=”1″/>
<then add=”triangle”/>
<if obj=”house” comp=”equal” amount=”1″/>
<if obj=”square” comp=”equal” amount=”1″/>
<then add=”square”/>

This is telling the game that if there is 1 house and 1 triangle there will be a triangle added and when there is 1 house and 1 square then a square will be added. The enemy is playing a double role in the game. If there is no need for a shape he will come in and annoy the player by picking up the shapes.






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