The Google phone

Recently some rumours started about Google and there plans to go in the phone business.

One big advantage or disadvantage is that you can use it for free. You can call someone for hours and it cost you nothing the only thing you will have are some advertising. This all sounds very nice so why could this be a disadvantage? Well it depends on the advertising. If it is too annoying than everyone will stick by there old situation and only the ‘poor’ people will use the Google phone. If only ‘poor’ people use the phone than there is no point in advertising.

I’m very curious how Google see’s this free to use phone and do you have to buy them or not? If not than I get one and use it to call to everyone at home during my vacation in Thailand.

I’m just pessimistic it can also be a great success but than they have to do something more than there competition, like building in Gmail, Google maps (rumours already saying that there is no GPS-chip), calendars, talk, etc. I hope they do that and maybe I will be there costumer.







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