Tutorial Flex on Rails login system part 1: Introduction


These tutorials are a translation from this page that is the wiki of my school. I also mention this tutorial here

If you have a little experience with Flex or/and Actionscript 3.0 you wan’t more, like receiving data from different databases. That is what this tutorial explains to you.

The next subject are in this tutorial:

  • Databases
  • Ruby on Rails
  • WebORB
  • Flex 2
  • Actionscript 3

Eventually it is about making a entire application with these techniques.

We try to make this tutorial so easy as possible that both beginners and advanced programmers can use this techniques. Ofcourse we can’t explain everything from every technique but we try to make a begin.

If you control every technique you can start your own Flex Application.

Here you can find the different parts of the tutorial:
>>Tutorial Flex on Rails part 1: Introduction (where you are now)
Tutorial Flex on Rails part 2: Install Ruby on Rails
Tutorial Flex on Rails part 3: Install WebORB
Tutorial Flex on Rails part 4: Building a login system



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    Great job Arno! So when are you joining TFE ? 🙂

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